The high quality of services provided by Ekoconsultant is the result of our knowledge and experience. Each of our team members has a license from the Ministry of Finance entitling them to run account books as well as keeping all types of account records.

Our team carries out its duties with the highest degree of professionalism as well as displaying knowledge of foreign languages in which other countries conduct their business in Poland; some of whom may also represent capital from Italy, France, Holland, Hungary, Great Britain and Germany amongst others.

Our accounting system is a comprehensive one which embraces every measure within the spheres of tax and other financial bodies. Furthermore, we give analysis and balance sheets for management purposes. Naturally, we include essential tax advice in our price.

Some more details about the service we provide

Our offer also includes:

  • Running accounts as well as other accounting documentation according to the Accountancy Act.
  • Compiling VAT records.
  • Keeping records of fixed/capital assets.
  • Compiling PIT, CIT account declarations, (tax forms).
  • Balance and turnover printouts.
  • Compiling the balance and account results.
  • Creating GUS (Central Statistical Office) reports.
  • Client representation in the Fiscal Office as well as other budgetary institutions.
  • Analysis and balance sheets for management purposes in the corresponding format.
  • Preparing the information in such a way that is compatible with foreign systems of finance and accounting (e.g. SAP, MBS Dynamics-NAV amongst others) if required.

We are able to work flexibly in accordance to preferences set out by our clients; namely that:

  • All documents may be stored at Ekoconsultant as well as the client’s offices.
  • The client’s employees may initially prepare all documentation, even though Ekoconsultant normally fulfils this part of the bargain.
  • All client documents and accounts may be kept at our client’s offices, or we can carry out the full financial/accounting service.
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