Advice and consultation

In addition to our comprehensive service for foreign companies here in Poland, we would also like to recommend:

  • Legal advice on business activities and tax within a corporate level. Preparing documentation to register the company in court which is required by the National Court Register (KRS).
  • Compiling a list of essential documents which enable the registration process to take place (i.e. legal certificates of declaration from the client’s country of origin)
  • Design of preliminary contracts taking into consideration the needs of our clients
  • We prepare the agreements according to the wishes of the client relating to individual legal institutions within the Code of Commercial Companies. e.g., for z o.o. (Ltd companies) we can prepare actions regarding compulsory retrieval of company shares in event of company liquidation.
  • Gathering the remaining documents and lists which authorise the setting up of the company and other such statements.
  • Editing the appropriate forms to be sent to the National Court Register.
  • Arranging a meeting with a solicitor with the view to establishing the company.
  • Transferring all necessary documents to the National Court Register.
  • Supervising the registration process in the National Court Register.
  • Receipt of an authorised registration certificate from the National Court Register.
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