There are many regulations imposed on the employer here in Poland. However, the personnel payroll service that we offer is a comprehensive one which guarantees complete security in compliance with the rapidly changing Polish regulations.
Our personnel payroll service also includes calculations of payments to employees, administration as well as providing complete documentation. In addition, we also have an experienced advisor in labour legislation.
We have at your disposal an excellent reporting department who prepare the appropriate reports about current contracts, essential medical examinations, BHP (Health and Safety) training, annual leave, and benefits collected when out of work for health reasons.

We offer special discount for clients who opt for both our personnel payroll and accounting services.
What does our personnel payroll service consist of?

  • Salary calculation and the preparing of payment list spread sheets.
  • Preparing payslips which are then sent to our clients via e-mail.
  • Preparing documents and calculations linked to PFRON.
  • Preparing PIT 4 (IFT-1) (tax forms), and then transferring them to US (Statistical Office).
  • Preparing and sending of ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) declarations via e-mail.
  • Printing and sending ZUS and PIT transfers.
  • Compiling the annual calculations for PIT 11, PIT 40 along with the GUS annual reports.
  • Client representation at ZUS and other budgetary institutions.
  • Running workers’ portfolios (gathering of all documents related to personnel payslips annual leave, benefits, proof of time at work, etc).
  • Running essential reports on: organisation of employment, annual leave, traineeships, paid sick leave etc.
  • Systematic verification and updating of documents (information relating to medical check ups, arrangement of BHP training, issuing of payslips, annual leave proposals, calculations of down payments, etc).
  • Compiling work agreements in the event of contracting new employees, arranging medical check- ups, applying for NIP (VAT identity), and contacting ZUS.
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